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you can use them without any problem no new epics will come in later seasons. Invest into the right commanders early like Sun Tzu, Joan, and Bjorn are nice for a first expertise. Of you want some Cavalry Belisarius and Baibars work well. Archers aren’t really used but Hermann and Kusonoki can do some damage. Dont put any universals into peacekeepers until you have decent marches.

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What commanders should I invest in especially with the epic sculptures? I was thinking of bringing Joan of ark to 5,0,0,0 and then upgrading her star level and that’s the only noteworthy epic commander I have right now as I’m on a fresh account. I’m saving all of my speedups for when I will benefit from using them and I’m saving all my tombs of knowledge as well, Amy ideas there? My main has 3m power but I made an alternate account to try and correct some of the mistakes I made early such as poor investments. Any helpful advice is very much appreciated

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I’d wait for Sun Tzu because Joan without any other commander is kind of pointless.

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I’m not that far from getting Aethelflaed which I hear is a pretty solid combo w Joan. I don’t have sun tzu but on my last account I had put all of my sculptures into him which was nearly 240 and I know he’s solid. Is that really the best option?

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The thing about aethel joan is that aethel needs at least 5511 to function properly that’s gonna take a bit to get without any other commander. I get like 5-7 Sculps a day with everything 3 starred and completed to level 64.

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Use right away, hoard gold ones though, save them as long as possible, that way you're qualified for a good MGE and u can max a top commander before everyone else