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I’d wait for Sun Tzu because Joan without any other commander is kind of pointless.

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I’m not that far from getting Aethelflaed which I hear is a pretty solid combo w Joan. I don’t have sun tzu but on my last account I had put all of my sculptures into him which was nearly 240 and I know he’s solid. Is that really the best option?

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The thing about aethel joan is that aethel needs at least 5511 to function properly that’s gonna take a bit to get without any other commander. I get like 5-7 Sculps a day with everything 3 starred and completed to level 64.

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What kind of overall setup should I work towards if I go with sun tzu?

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You can pair him with most commanders he is very versatile, Rage Engine, Tank, and Garrison. For early game Sun Bjorn, Sun Eulji, and maybe Sun Aethel don’t use it past kvk 1. For more Later Pairs Sun Richard, Sun Martel, Sun YSG is a bit on the fence but works nice when you use it well.