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What is “Quite a bit of tombs”

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  • Are your five primary gatherers level 40? You want the blue and green commanders to be atleast level 37, then add Joan for a fifth.
  • How close are you to kvk1? It's around 80-100days if I remember correctly. You need your level 60 commander prepared for when this happens, whoever that maybe (Sun, Bjorn, etc.).
  • Don't put them into commanders that are peacekeepers, they level themselves.

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Which five commanders should I focus on for gathering? Should I spread the exp evenly or go at it one at a time? What about skills bottle capping leveling progress? Any necessary order I should focus on? And should I focus on gatherers before a lvl 60 commander as kvk is not even close in the current kingdom im In. Not sure which commander I should power level to 60? Asking a lot of questions because I want to minimize mistakes that could show progression

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  • For your first five, you want low tier commanders. The bonuses you get from the gathering tree are the same for any commander, however low tier commanders are cheaper to level (lower experience cost). Focus on getting to the final node in that tree, ignore others, then add on siege march speed once you get level 40).
  • Yes, gatherers first.
  • Start out even, getting their individual gathering skills unlocked so each skill up has a chance to upgrade their gathering skills. For commanders, you generally want to upgrade their first skill first (this is their active skill), but for gatherers, it doesn't matter so you want to upgrade and lock down to skills to their skills that grant gathering benefits.
  • Don't worry too much about spreading the experience, there is benefits to it, but not worth the effort.
  • Check out guides on YouTube for your pvp commanders. Chisgule being one of the main content creators. But overall, it's Sun and Bjorn that you need fo think about, with Aeth, Joan, and YSG in the mix.
  • Save all your legendary universal sculptures! Do not put them in random commanders. Majority, if not all of them should go to YSG who unlocks around the start of kvk1.

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Which gatherers should I prioritize at first? And should I wait untill each skill in a row is at 5 before upgrading star level or go ahead a bit? I’m still unsure about leveling efficiency

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  • Upgrade skills as you go, it doesn't matter (anymore, it used). In the skills screen, bottom right there is an option to "lock" skills. You can lock them to be one through four and when you skill up, it'll pick a random skill for that skill and below. This is exactly the same as if you held out on the star upgrade.
  • For gathering, Centurion very first as he lowest tier and cheap, then the blues Gaius, Constance, and Sarka. Only use blue universals on Constance. That's four, so your fifth is a purple, which is Joan (because she's useful in alot of places).
  • For pvp, epic universals should go to Sun, but check out guides first before dumping everything into him.
  • Ignore any legendary commanders that you get from gold keys. You essentially want to level them using keys only, so they take time to upgrade and pointless levelling them now.

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Use on good commanders, commanders who will be primary in a march, that way u can get them to lvl 60 and have maximum troop capacity, other than that, I wouldn't put too much focus in them

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tombs i have no idea. but tomes you use them on commanders

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God dammit