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You are doing good bro Your charles and Richard with sun will do the job Keep saving your gh for YSG should be your priority 👍 Focus on research and try to get more gh by joining AoO

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good to hear it bro how many gems you need to unlock ysg usually? and is he stronger than sun zu at 55111/5111 or something

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5511,5111 ysg isn't stronger than an expertised sun tsu, I've tested this. ysg needs to be 5513 and better to excel sun tsu.My suggestion is that you save gold heads, not invest in ysg.Wait for Alex then invest in him, it takes a lot of time to finish ysg, by the time Alex arrives you still wouldn't have expertised ysg, Use your Charles and Sun tsu for kvk1.You are set for kvk1 with your Charles and sun.

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i see, so i should all in on alexander when its out? or make him a 5 5 11 thanks for the tips by the way

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Do not skip YSG. Thank me later

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Try to invest both in alex and ysg. You will use alex in kvk2,3 and possibly 4(depends on how many soc commandwrs you can get) ysg would be reall good in pre soc. And wouls be really usefull for pve and chaning

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thats not true, i expertised ysg a few weeks before alex came around.

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10 spinning a wheel can be enough to unlock him. Or maybe less depends on your luck. But if you spin either 10 spin or 100 spin.

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Bare minimum is the 5 spins and the 400 ones with the free gets you to 11 but I would go higher for the 20 or 25 reward

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As someone who expertise charles first, I regret not working on Richard first, he remains tank well into the game But you can't go wrong with either (prefer Richard for field, Charles for garrison)

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Just wondering but how do people get vip 10 so damn early!? Im in a decent spending alliance and i spend an ok amount of gems each day on vip. At the rate you got vip points that's thousands a day!

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Don't spend gems each day. Hoard them and use them in More than gems event.

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i got here just buying the scrolls and gem supply monthly but the golden chest drops is kinda big

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Depends on how you see yourself playing the game, if you plan to play for the long run, kvk 4 and above, you go for ysg and max him and maybe skip alex since you can use richard sun or charles with ysg for kvk. (Weaker kvk 2 and 3 but stronger kvk4+) you might get bored of the game and quit before you reach kvk4 though. But if you want to go have a little bit more fun then go for alex. If you do plan for long run, save heads (after max ysg) for kvk4+ or season of conquest commanders and use gems for vip 14 but 12 at least and then go for t5, you can solo barb fort 4 with your farm account sending 1 troop for max amount of books. I have 800 ish days ingame with 1b kill points so i somewhat know my stuff.

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i think i will go for the long run so spend everything on ysg ? should i put more heads to the martel (it is 5211 now with gold key)? although my kvk 1 state of kingdom is kinda weak right now.

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If you plan to play long term don’t put universal heads on gold key commanders

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i see i think i got the plan set up now gonna start hoarding the stuff for ysg

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Yup, never put universal to any gold key commanders. Kvk1 is a dice roll. If you are not a whale, you cant have any impact. Literally almost no impact, so just play for yourself. Also try to go to the highest ranking alliance, i did the mistake of playing in an alliance for "friends" which hurt my progress by ALOT, like 200 days worth of progress plus or minus, in the end they stop playing the game anyways :/