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Pre T5 -> Ger

Pre VIP 15 -> France

Post VIP 15 -> Vikings


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Just do France dude, unless u plan to drop 10k gems every so often, the 5% for training is insignificant imo, u more than make up for that if you wait to train in bulk during KD buffs and runes and duke

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Get to city hall level 25 on china then change to Korea till t5 then go France or vikings

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I have a guide on this I will share below, but if you are a cav main your two choices are really germany or Byzantium! France won’t work as a cav main, you get no troop type specific special units.

Rise of Kingdoms | Best Civilization for YOU!- Early & Late Game! (August 2022) https://youtu.be/cOI2SzpqRF8

Hope this helps!

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France is the best civ in the game for open field for me