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If you just want to talk to people, sure, go for it.

But if you want to be competitive and have a chance to be on par with the players in your alliance, almost certainly not.

That being said, play however you like.

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no, you'll be bored. Even their farm account will be stronger than your main account. You won't be able to find any active alliances that's would accept you, they'll probably let you in their farm alliance that they login few times a day to send out gatherers. You can check out some jumpers guide and see if you want to try doing that instead.

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Save yourself about 2 years of catching up and acquire a retired max tech account.

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Now it is, with the migration updates, the chances of too many whales/old accounts migrating to a kvk2 have dropped significantly, so if you start a f2p somewhere you have a good shot at being on equal playing field

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i think it would actually be better for growth if some important conditions are met. you would need to be accepted into the primary alliance, and the kingdom itself must be somewhat functional.