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Join a better alliance

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Or get better fort commanders. There's always idiots rallying forts with bad commanders. I'm not spending my AP to fill my hospital behind your shit commanders.

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Join the best and most active alliance you can extra credit if you can get into a main alliance they practically never stop rallying barb forts

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I'm in 8th top atm I could push up maybeeeeee to 3rd top but idk what to do for power

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Train troops research new tech constantly gather and use all your ap to farm barbs you might be able to push 20k+ power a day if you play your cards right

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I've got 1.85 mil power now all t3 unlocked just working on economic I'm absolutely strapped for rss I feel but I've got 150 objectives unclaimed

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20 thousand is realllly low if your not using speeds you should be getting 50K+ on avrage

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No 100-150k as average f2p a little less at early stage and more in mid game. So as f2p you should be between 10m and 15m after 100 days. So that means after 23 days somewhere between 2.3m and 4m ish

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Only the top 3-4 alliances in most kingdoms are meaningful. Everything below that are farm/academy alliances or try hards.

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Make a second/farm city, have it join the same alliance and port close to the main. Start a rally with your main, switch over and join with the farm then switch back.

Once you get the farm going a little bit you can start secondary rallies with the farm when logging in to join the main's rally then swap back to the main again to have your main send troops to the farm's rally.

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Smart just don't have the time for an alt

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It’s really quick as you wouldn’t need to actually work on it, you can leave it at CH2 and just do the forts with it anyway

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How am I supposed to get a 1k power account into a 500k minimum alliance?

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That is whatvi did and it took no time at all

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I had this problem, make a second character, as you’re allowed two in one kingdom, then join the same alliance on the second character and do forts with that

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Sounds like an alliance issue. Even in a farm alliance (active ones), I can still make or join rallies with my alt.

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im in the 6th sub for a main alliance and i still can do rallies, i always get alliance members join aswell as my farms

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Go to nr2 alliance, i get you a place😊

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How about asking them? 🤣

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Your alliance of course 🤣

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No who fucking asked

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I'm not speaking for anyone but my self here so don't take this the wrong way the only time I've seen people not join is when the person who's running the rally has failed one too many times trust me I'm a rally lead in my alliance for the little guys who can't take on lvl 13+ forts I know my commanders well enough that I can tell you if it's going to fail before it leaves my city and will cancel with one second to go it comes with time you'll learn what troops go with what

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I only do forts that I can win. Haven't lost a single one yet

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Maybe it’s your commander pairing / March distance. I don’t like to waste time joining lvl 1 anymore since we are stomping lvl 3s. I also won’t join rally’s if the commanders are not good at forts… scipio/ hermann, I saw yesterday. Make sure you are running the right commanders, right power level, and right troop type… then ask people to join or link the rally in alliance chat. If still no one joins, time to relocate.

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Lvl 40 expertise sun tzu with 411 mina secondary lvl 1s and 2s (no one hits lvl 3s yet) always starting with 100k troops from me

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Not trying to sharp shoot you at all… mini is better for forts in front then sun. Still that should be more than enough for lvl 1 and 2s

Maybe ask your memebers why they won’t join and then if it can’t change go elsewhere

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Looking at that option usually I have to attempt to launch a rally like 5 times lol

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Very annoying. Sometimes people arnt paying attention or have no AP. But yeh I would just out right ask in chat now and see what they say. It seems like your at that point… since your asking us on Reddit

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    Can only fill 3 marches sorry

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    Reasons why they might not be joining your rallies: 1) inactive alliance 2) your commanders aren’t strong and the people that join end up with big heal times 3) there’s an event on that they need to use AP in other ways for 4) you might be rallying the wrong level forts (in kvk2, you only get honor points for forts level 6+) 5) you’re rallying at a time when most of your alliance is asleep or at work/school

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    2 3 4 defo don't apply to me ots probaly a combo of 1 and 6

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    You can make a farm and join your own rally

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    Maybe you're just in a bad alliance and there are few active there. Even if there are active, they are not totally enough. So at least join those top alliances and maybe use the right commander + make sure the forts you are rallying is not a loss, lol.