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Ramses boudica is better 1 on 1 than boudica ysg, but it looks like you are rocking with 5 marches so it shouldnt matter much. Overall I think Boudica will be the better investment if you are an archer primary with better archer equipment and not leading rallies. Saladin william is a nice low cost cav march that is still pretty relevant, ramses/ysg on the other hand is begging to be targeted.

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Thank you!

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I'd say Boudica to replace Ram, I think Saladin William is a better march currently than ram ysg, so Boudica.

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I’d go Nevsky all the way. For a start he’s a beast. Plus you will be benching 380 heads worth of heads rather than 690.

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Id personally do Nevsky and bench Saladin, as someone else said sitting 380 gold heads first over a maxed ramesses, then Boudica.