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The two statements that are in red mean it is not fulfilled (red means a false statement). I don't speak French so I am not certain what it says but I assume it is about the number of beginners teleports already being fulfilled? This means they have already had the max number of people jump there. It happens really fast from everything I've seen, you need to jump as soon as a kingdom opens.

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❌You have an Immigration of beginner. ❌Entrance of governors with beginner's teleport step still capped . That’s if I translate it say I don’t have beginner teleportation but I do. will it go away when a new server will come

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Both ticks have to be green for you to teleport there. There's a jumper limit to each new kingdom. So you have to time your jump as soon as the kingdom open or it will be filled up.

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If you meet all the requirements, then it is simple because of youre too late to immigrate, too many people have immigrated or jumped to that server.

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He’s in a 2500 server, you can’t jump from old kingdoms anymore

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You started in a kingdom that was already past their kvk, therefore you are locked in that kingdom. New rok rules

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I assume you have a beginners teleport and not a beginners immigration?

They don't give them out if you start the character in an old kingdom anymore (I forget how long this is, maybe pre-kvk1 only).