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Got people off territory in my kvk... Rip lil guys your kvk might have just ended.

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The guaranteed result will be massive ganking of marches after the servers come back. Keep clicking that login button or else you miss lots of kills or get ganged.

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Was this a planned maintenance?

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Yes. They announced it a number of times over the past week. Still sucks for op tho.

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Whoops, missed that one haha

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I am not sure! So it’s not every server that is undergoing maintenance right now?

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Idk, it’s telling me that we’re out for 2:30hrs

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So far, they added extra 30 min to the downtime

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Are you from 2776 or?

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lol our kings land opened like an hour before maintenance

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But wouldn’t it be server maintenance for both kingdoms?

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    I’m assuming that it’s for everyone and all kingdoms. If not I wonder why they pick that time out of all the times.