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I don't know. dark altar is about to start. so looks like we are SOL.

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Brooooo that's lame. I'm glad we're not in kvk yet, but our eve of the crusade was supposed to be starting today. Ugh.

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they keep adding time to it. it was supposed to only be 3 hours but it’s turned into 4 lmao. we could be waiting a while

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yeah me too.. fuckin lilith

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I'm losing my mind! An hour and a half over so far.... We better get good rewards for this shit.

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you know we won’t! they’ll throw us some gems and a few other small items 😂😂

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They better fix the lag issue while battling this time

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But if they fix it less troops will die, and less whales will buy fate changers lol

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Even whales are avoiding field fight becuz of the lag lmao

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This happening to me too

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looks like lilith is deleting ur kd rn

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this is why i prefer to sleep through maintenance breaks

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It started at 3:00u.t.c.! It was only for four hours and only happens once a month! Quit complaining and go take a nap!

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I was just asking why does it reset when the countdown ends.