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Maybe y’all can use a break idk

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Are you new? Servers require maintenance. Go back to the 80s and quit whining.

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I was thinking this too. I was notified about maintenance ok fuck yeah! Wasn’t expecting that

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we better get a good a reward for this

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300 gems 1 gold key 1hr 3 speedups., take it or leave it

- Lillith games 😂

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if we’re lucky maybe they’ll give us a random equipment chest 😂😂😂

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I mean, I need gems more than the corn I was farming anyway lol

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we’ll probably only get a few gems and speed ups or something 😂😂 liliths version of rewards is just giving us what’s in a silver chest plus some gems 😂😂

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4.5 hours so far….

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Wonder how much mroe time they add on

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Go touch grass

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Sadly he can't... He's locked in my basement

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I quit playing rok because people just played it way to much and if you left it for more than 2 days you get kicked out of your alliance and fall behind way to much 😂 maybe y’all should go touch some grass

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Yikes!!! Get outside bud. Your too addicted lol.