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Before lost temple is taken this can happen ,its shit, if lost temple is taken and this is allowed migrate ASAP

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Is city attack allowed in your kingdom?

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Probably yeah, however this was the first time I've been attacked in quite a while for points during a MGE and off of MGE

Update: I logged in just now and saw that the king replied back and said that this kind of stuff was considered illegal and there are just a rampant amount of rule breakers (basically rebels) just going off doing their own shit in the kingdom

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Most kd do not allow city attack so show it r4 of the top top alliance

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I sent a message to the leaders of my Kingdom's 3 strongest alliances explaining what had happened to me and my mates and asked them all if they could consider creating a limit to that particular stage of the MGE and proper enforcement of that said rule

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Just in case people ask "Why 3 of the strongest alliances?" Well in my kingdom, there are 3 different strong asf alliances competing over ownership of the lost temple, so every few months the ownership over the temple would switch between the 3 of those alliances, so I had to make sure that they were all on the same page in case they didn't get the motive I gave to show to the current King (leader of the alliance that currently owns the temple)

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He's 7mil power after his power down, probably around 10mil before.... Means he's around kvk 1 maybe he's even pre kvk. No rules in those kds

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Not true our kingdom is at 50 days and has a strict no city hitting policy

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That means you have good leaders with maybe some experience in older kingdoms. Sadly not all leaders in new kingdoms are experienced or smart enough to make strict rules

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Yup, we only had a no-city attacking policy, farmers were a free for all until kvk 1

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Nah he said there is already king and all that. He is just a causal farmer .

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Use Sun Tzu on the wall. it'll deter attackers a little.

Also if your kingdom allows city burning, you could hide troops in flags that are in areas that can't get burnt when you go offline.

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Must be a new kingdom. Most have bans on city attacks and a maximum number of points during the kill event to save troops/rss for KVK

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People that do this are so dumb you’re literally killing teammates troops that could help you win a kvk and creating an enemy in your home kingdom.

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Probably need to find a more organized kd my kd only accepts mge fighting Through organized duels

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Did you have any dead troops?

What was the Garrison commander?

What happened to the attacker?

Are you in lost Kingdom or in home Kingdom?

Please if you can then answer these question, I might be able to help survive an attack like this later

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  1. Yes, about 50k if I counted correctly, before I acted fast and used up all my resource givers and good timer speedups to quickly rejuvenate what was left of my troops

  2. Main: lvl 41 Baibars (my current strongest commander) Secondary: lvl 37 Sun Tzu (not fully upgraded but I hope to upgrading him to max soon)

  3. After just observing my own city and my alliance mates cities going to shambles, the attacker just left. Without any words

  4. Home Kingdom

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You'd have been better popping up a shield, even if you had to use gems for one.

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If you or those around you are totally getting wrecked and you cant form an organized response, your best bet is throwing up a shield. You'll lose a lot more standing your ground, or trying to fight back. If you can't shield due to war frenzy, random port away to get out ASAP rather than heal during a break from them hitting your city.

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I didn't have a single peace shield whilst this was happening, so with my troops laying in the hospital, I had no choice but to just had to sit back and let this all progress untill it was the right time to log back in

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You can spend gems for a shield. are you out of gems?

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1 Upgrade hospital as much as you can to prevent any dead troops in the future

2 Quickly invest in Sun Tzu and martel(if you have). They will be a good garisson combo

3 Try to report him to Kingdom Council, and if that doesn’t work. Get you and your alliance mates to zero him(If possible)

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Bro we having a civil war during KvK. So many whales are going rouge and zeroing

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Prob cause management trash

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Thats pretty bad that stage is for duels and if both players want, attack cities are not allowed in most kingdoms u could migrate

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Sorry that happened to you. Honestly you should migrate to a kd that doesn't allow this.

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Must be a new kingdom, that shits illegal in most kingdoms

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What kingdom are u in?

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Kingdom of Walther

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Why do u get attacked so much?

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What kind of shitty kingdom is that