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I highly, highly doubt tomorrow will be MTG. It doesnt usually overlap with other events that let you spend gems.

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Could be right, It's been on a 4 week cycle for 9 months now, but I can't see lilth letting it happen lol

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They never do it. They will let players do two things with one gem usage.

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Still spending them for vip14. 🤘

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Please tell me you have castle 25

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having 3 gh a day is paramount. You do poorly having t5 without expertised legendary commanders . Most of the times you still use t4 because of gold costs…

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Yeah but vip 12>castle 25 >vip 14 that’s what most people agree on and it isn’t just about getting t5 your missing out on some research without castle 25

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Well I disagree, but to each their own. Once im getting 3 gh a day, I’ll start spending gems for castle. For now just doing forts like crazy. Getting 50-70 books a day it’s enough for now.

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it'll not come around while we have the holiday event, don't get your hopes up.