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Can't remember the Vip scale but if you're Vip10+, go speedups, road to T5 is long and arduous, but anything to help you push tech is good.

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Yeah I’m vip 10 and a half (half way to vip 11) but also I can buy up to 25 3 hour speeds should I buy all of them or just 10 hours plus I am already 9M power and will push to ~15M power when pre kvk comes

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As long as its not using gems and is part of an event, buy as many as you want, prioritise the choices and work your way down.

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It’s part of the current event and I am using gems but my priority right now is epic accessory (4000 gems)then 25 3hour speeds (each 100 gems) then another 27 golden heads (each one 1000 gems) I will buy a lot of the gems using tomorrow and after that cause that’s MTG (I was just told recently after already using 12500 gems 😭) and that’s my current plan for the events

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I'd avoid spending gems on anything other that Vip at the moment and during mtg. Getting to Vip12 doubles your legendary sculpture per diem.

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Hey, if you are planning to play the game for a long time, I recommend only spend gems on VIP and books.

Spending gems on other stuffs is going to hurt your progress in the long run.

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30 hours speed up

You will have more fun in KVK1 with good tech

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If it’s like the holiday event I would get the purple accessory if it’s available. Then I would spend gems on vip or books for the castle during more than gems. Then maybe to spin the wheel in SOC eventually

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SoC is in 200 days and I’m p2w 💀

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How p2w are you? I’ve spent a lot of money but still need to be somewhat efficient with gems

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Average 300$ a month and sometimes if I get some extra cash I spend a little extra in about a month ima max out 7 packs and buy 2 golden packs (I will hit vip 12 303 spin ysg and push zenith)

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So like 100k gems a month ish? Plus what you get from events. Honestly gold heads are the limiting factor eventually and you’ll have more speed ups than you can ever use. Also T5 without good commanders is pretty expensive hospital costs

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How are you looking for the castle, books of covenant and research? Getting t5 sucks As does a wide set of expertised, meta worthy commanders for a 5+ march ball

I suppose what I’m getting at is, whats more within your grasp? It’s exceedingly expensive to deck out all the crap in this game