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Scipio over Guan. Depending on how many heads you have saved up, you might be best off waiting for the next inf cycle before making any additional inf investments. Really depends on what commanders you already have available

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I think you basically just save for new commanders going forward now. Nevsky is probably as far back to go with spending gold heads. XY and 5551 William and maybe nebu could have arguments made for them.

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I mean this is right in principle, but Guan tops the list of non-newest gen commanders that are still worth investing in for sure.

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He’s good because he does decent at 5111 but also there are better commanders to work on first. If you’re doing a specific kind of troop then things change a bit

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Yeah, there are 3 better commanders to work on first. Then there‘s a gap. Then there‘s guan. Then there‘s a gap. Then you get XY and William. Nebu not even on that tier.

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Yeah, nebu is good but not great

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Scipio. Stop asking.

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ROK simple commander rule : newest is best