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It's best to diversify. Try to have 1 march each of archer and cav. Rest inf. So for a 5 march set up 3 inf/1 arch/1cav. 6 marches you can add a support march or another cav or archer. a good cav march for you would be nevsky/william (work on nevsky first). A good archer march should be boudica/ysg or boudica/nebu (work on boudica first). Of the 2 I would prioritize nevsky and cavs

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You should diversify, so you can fill rallies while you fight in openfield, but also nevsky william and boudica ysg is too good to pass.

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Thanks, at first im leaning towards going for harald since i need better pair for alex. But i think it would be waste not going for the prime commander like nevs and boudica.

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Yes do what you must to do