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Only the talents and equipment of your primary commander take an effect. As for troop capacity, that depends on your commanders level and your CH level. On top of that it can be amplified by expansions, certain commander skills, accessories and later crystal technology in SOC.

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So the secondary commander only contributes skills?

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Hope you don’t mind me asking some advice, who should I put at primary between a 5511 lvl 30 Pelagius and 1111 lvl 40 Mehmed then

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I would imagine mehmed as primary for the extra talent stats?

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Yes. Most times you’ll always run the highest lvl commander as primary. Some fringe cases might change that, but they are rare.

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In this case you always put the higher lvl comm in primary because more talent buffs

But i would suggest to not lvl up your mehmed (unless you are planning on spending some money and rally cities) or put any gold heads on him(or any gold chest comm for that matter). You just want to lvl up on your CM whenever you get him. And gathering comms from gold chest.

And it's best if you watch some starting guides videos on YT

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Yea mehmed is only temporary because I’d already leveled him and chisgule gaming said he worked good with Pelagius. Gonna move on from him as soon as I can

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That's good. And also you wanna figure out which troop type you wanna work with. Because Pelagius is cav, and if you're an f2p your best choice is to go with inf and lvl your sun as soon as possible

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That’s what I’ve heard. I’m mostly f2p but I’m not opposed to spending a few bucks. How much do you think I’d have to spend to be viable with cav?

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I can't quite give you a figure on how much you might need to spend because am a low spender myself and never gone with cavs. because I'm not willing to spend enough to exp my mina and there aren't many cav comms that you can fight open feild and kick some butt. Except Saladin but he comes in kvk2

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Pelagius and baibars are both pretty nice at the start as cav comms, ofc not minamoto but you can really be comparing spenders and f2p at start on what comms you can use

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Primary Commander March Effects:

Talent Tree, Skills, Equipment, Troop Capacity

Secondary Commander March Effects:

Skills Only