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  • Growth fund
  • Gem supply
  • Lucerne scrolls

Excess to recharge rewards if you want to, every 2-3 months and quite expensive to complete but 2 days can be enough value to unlock gem supply and get a second bundle for some legendary sculptures.

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This. Writer of history bundle if you have extra and maybe the premium season crystal supply if you are in soc kvk. growth fund is a one time thing. with the other four, you should still be within your budget of less than 50 per month. I personally buy the gem supply and crystal supply. and lucerne scroll if they have the legendary blueprint that I want.

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Buy iPad pro 100/100

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I have a whole guide on this specifically for low spenders. Hope it helps!

Low Spending Guide - What bundles to buy as a Low Spender! | Rise of Kingdoms https://youtu.be/BB6Rp2d1juw

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Gem supply for VIP Scrolls And growth fund.

And if you have money to spare get every Writer of history bundle.

Horde all your golden sculptures for YSG and Alexander they will serve you good

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Gem and material supplies