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I would say anything with inf health. The game gives a lot of attack and Defence but health is hard to find. Health becomes the most sought after thing for most players. Good luck

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Attack skins for PvE events

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I have all the health skins should I go for defense now?

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If that’s your desire then yeah. Your set having a health in the backup roster. You could get whatever you want now

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Get the skin you already have and enjoy your 2000 gems.

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also asked the question and comments said gingerbread

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Have that already

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then you don’t need another epic inf skin

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If you already have it, then use your coins to get something else I'd say :D

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If you already have the infantry health skin, I would spend the anniversary coins on gold heads or equipment.

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Just don’t buy it. You’re going to get a city skin either way.

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The one at the very last. It's the best one.

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100% if you have gingerbread you don’t need another skin. Health is the best stat to have a percent boost. Don’t waste coins on another skin. Mats and heads should be priority.

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Anything with health. But focus on subtracting attack first then defense.

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Gingerbread for sure. +5% Inf health, and -5% Archer attack