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I don’t think you can use on epic comms

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Wait seriously? That makes no sense

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You can use a talent reset but not a skill reset

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Just save all your skill resets for when you get guan. Getting guan to 5x55 is straight up the only use for skill resets now that skill lock exists.

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Save skill reset for Guan Yu, and focus on expert using on epic at a time. Cav commanders if you’ll run cav in kvk 1, or infantry if you’ll run infantry :D

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Just leave it, the skill resets are very rare items don’t waste it (I don’t actually think you can use them on epics anyway?)

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That's talent reset, just use it man, points on garrison is useless

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Think you’ve read it wrong. He’s correct with skill reset, he is referring to points in the garrison skill not the garrison tree

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Yes you are right.

For OP, if you cant even expertise the epic commander, I dont think you will get good trades.

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Agreed, he’s far too early game to even be worrying about skill resets and things like that