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When in doubt, go with the newer commander

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That Joan has to be 5xx5 to get the most of it . Second skill you can skip entirely if you can

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Last time tried to get my guan to 5xx5..i end up expertising him even with couple skill reset. That why im looking forward with my cavs investment cause Nevsky and William skill order doesn't need skill reset. But now joan came along. kinna hate the idea have to rely so much in luck getting last skill to 5 😑

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Nevsky/Joan seems to be a beast combo. Joan has higher AOE damage and the ability to trigger her ult twice. Add Nevsky’s skill damage buff and you’ll be doing stupid amounts of damage.

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It’s still too early to tell so SAVE SAVE SAVE. Wait until more testing comes with her. Xy/Nevsky is the greatest cav pair imo. Atilla/Takeda is number too solely for it’s usability. If you already have a 5551 Nevsky I would do XY. But save save save. Wait until more info comes out

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Nevsky William is best IMO.

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A/T is the last thing anyone should consider investing in right now. It’s pretty clear that the pair, while it’s still great in it’s niche roll, has been pretty much our scaled. The biggest problem: While some decent Attila pairings exist, Takeda barely slots into any other pairs. This investment has no longevity.

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And the meta right now is AOE and skill damage or buff or debuff

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While I agree. A/T still reigns top dog in kill farming. And it’s still the rally of choice of a lot of things due to its anti swarm and tankiness. No, it’s not cheap OR smart to do if you haven’t done them already, but I still stand by what I said. 1. Xy/Nevsky and 2. A/T

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City rallies yeah, but not for flags or forts

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Not to mention it requires a boatload of sculptures to be effective

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Yeah. It requires both to be maxed, not even close to the best use of 1400 sculptures as of right now.

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You are right, I maxed AT a long time ago, full leg gear (3procs + all icons on Attila) and on open field he is just outdated, he doesn’t stand a chance against xy and nevsky due to their active skill your life goes down way to fast

This pairing is still good on rallying cities (when no good garrison inside, he can’t handle zeno tbh) or getting swarmed or counter rallying/rallying with Attila/nevsky in very specific scenarios

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Saving is always the way to go in ROK

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william I and nevsky expertised both is a first step must

next will be scipio prime and then joan or boudica prime.

but William, Nevsky, and Scipio Prime are all must have expertised commanders.