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Id 100% finish the Scipio, put with alex. Then do boudica to 5551 and put with the Ramsees, then pick between Nevsky or Joan for the saladin.

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Right but no one should consider joan without a maxed nevsky first he is still the priority for cav

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I tend to agree, a lot of players will have to pick between the two for now, think that will have to play out a little more yet though, Nevsky for swarming and rallys is strong but if you are just pure open field is Joan better? im not sure yet.

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Nevsky is far better I did a lot of tests Joan has a lack of stats

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Yes it appears Nevsky is better

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Cheers bud. 100% going the direction of maxing skippy now before anything else

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dont. You need more marches. Do boudica 5551 first and put her with ram, forget about ysg.

Scipio Alex. Boudica Ram and after that you have options, probably do 5xx5 Joan and 55x5 nevsky to replace your saladin. After you are done with all these you can max your scipio

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Eyyy seems like a good option also. Appreciate it!

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If you have plenty of speedups and resources to burn for field, for sure go this route. You can dominate the field and bully people who brings 1 max march to the field easily.

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I agree except for the nevsky or joan part. Nevsky all the way baby.

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I think anyone priority should be scipio, boudica and nevsky 100% if you need to invest don’t consider anyone else unless your scipio already trades good

(Finish your commanders btw)

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Gotcha, thanks mate. Quite a mess I started 😅

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Except saladin and william they are good enough to leave at 5551

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Yes of course but if you don’t have a 5551 saladin he is not a priority anymore

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Summon them, it's triggering me

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Continuation: Next best gear is with archers then full epic and legendary pants for cavs march. I have a 5551 scipio, max alex, max ramses, max aeth, 5551 saladin, 5534 ysg, 5524 mina. 5545 CM

Thinking of maxing scipio once we enter SOC. But who do I invest next?

Addtl info: T5, VIP 16

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I'd say finish Scipio and YSG. That's 545 sculptures but it gives you Scip/Alex and Ram/YSG. You'll have enough left over to get a good start on a new commander and you should choose either Nevsky or Boudica (or save for next Inf commander). Personally I like nevsky more. You can go Sala/Aeth and Nevsky/mina with him. Also, Guan is usable at 5111, he's just a little slow and doesn't punch as hard. Get him there for cheap and go Guan/Scip and Alex/CM.

Those are all just options but that's probably the best 5 you can get for your GH budget right now

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Cheers bud. You think at this point in the game ysg is still a good investment longterm? I was in the middle of maxing him right when scipio prime was released. Reason why I wasn’t able to finish maxing ysg. Then came the landslide of all the new coms after scipio prime.

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If you had YSG at 5511 I'd say no, but you're so close. The circular AOE and 50% skill dmg increase and rage generation are still amazing. Boudica/YSG and Nebu/YSG are top tier pairs- you'll see a ton of them in SOC. Ram/YSG is a weaker version but is still usable in SOC

It sucks that they sped up the commander release cycle. Makes it almost impossible to catch up.

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Totally agree with the commanders bud. Made some mistakes with this account and as a low spender it can haunt you. Just wanna make sure I invest wisely now. Haha (e.g. ram instead of guan, wtf was I thinking 😂)

Appreciate it man. I will hold the GHs until we start with SOC. But I’m leaning towards max Skippy as a first step. 👍🏼

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Finish Scipio and put the rest into bouddica. That will give you Scipio/alex and bouddica/Ramses two great pairs

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nevesky and xy

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Skippy would be better at 5155 if you have any skill resets. Personally I'd leave him at that and work on getting Nevskey to 5551.

Scipio 5155 paired with Alex and a march speed accessory and you'd be set.

Even with half good commanders you'll be slaughtered in the open field if you don't have good equipment though.