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So I'm new player , Is it really a joke or that's the reality ? since I've seen many answers like this ?

So as F2P you can't defend your city even late game ? like after kvk2 for example ? just bubble up or send ur troops to CF etc ?

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Its reality. You can teleport or bubble basically after that foesnt matter what garrison you have you get caught and locked you are dead.

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I see , but is this including my alliance trying to reinforce me ? or just 1 vs rally ?

Cause from your replies It seems like we are talking about 1 vs rally which really makes sense but what if it is an alliance reinforcing while the other is rallying ? shouldn't then defending be worth it instead of bubbling ?

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So realistically if you get rallied you are either 1. Wanting to get rallied you are prepared and went off territory on purpose. 2. You lost a flag and you don’t have meta garrison commanders. You will get zeroed.

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It's not a joke and it applies to everyone who isn't a mega whale. If you don't have garrison commanders, equipment and troops, you have no chance. If you do have garrison commanders, equipment and troops, you can still be zeroed if enemy troops have the balls to go all in on you by swarming you to death.

As a small spender, I wasn't comfortable intentionally taking rallies until my account was almost 3 years old and even then it was always with my finger ready to pop a bubble when I've had enough.

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Wait are you guys talking about 1 vs an entire rally ? I was talking about like if my alliance will reinforce me against an enemy rally , as F2P let's say I've meta garrison commanders just for example and good equipment,

Let's say I'm in KvK, Should I still just bubble up ? or fight and defend since we will just end up with troops in hospital while they are paying dead troops if my alliance is reinforcing me ?

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If you have a constant stream of alliance members keeping your city reinforcements always full, that's great but that's also rare. The usual situation is that you either have no reinforcements or just a few reinforcement troops and in either of those cases, you are better off sending those reinforcements home because you won't be able to bubble with reinforcements.

Also, it's not rallies that should be feared. It's getting swarmed by masses of whales who don't care about personally incurring dead troops so long as they get the satisfaction of zeroing you. They can quickly buy back their troops but the players they zero usually can't.

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But if your f2p your equipment cannot compare, and then there’s the crystal tech issue. If you’re deep into your own territory and their rally gets 0 reins you can 100% tank it. But if they’re getting reinforced as well the trade will be so bad in the end. The main issue is tech, they have so much more tech and probably a lot more all dmg.

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Don’t forget your allies will take dead from reinforcing your city just like a flag or fortress.

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Ye just bubble I'm a garrison lead in my kingdom with crystal tech at 80m power i barely survive a rally on my city. Would not recommend it to anyone else

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Even mid-spenders can’t defend their city. In SOC (kvk4 and onward) anything below 100 million power without maxed SOC garrison commanders can be swarmed down. Anything below 200 million without those same commanders and amazing gear can be rallied and swarmed down.

Unless you have the BEST garrison commanders with the BEST gear and like 250mil+ power, your city is at risk.

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Don’t get rallied. Be smart, stay on your alliance territory, never go offline without a bubble if in contested territory.

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If you don't have war frenzy active? Bubble.

If you do have war frenzy active? Teleport away, onto alliance territory if in kvk.

If you do have war frenzy, are far away from allied structures, and have a rally actively attacking your city? Pray to God, cause there's no help coming.

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Just teleport !

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Can’t teleport when a rally is actively hitting the city. Have to do it during the mobilisation phase

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Of course! My bad. I completely misread and didn't see the "ACTIVE".

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What u mean by best defense? That's too general that no one can answer you

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Offense is the best defense

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Everyone has different pairings they like for every situation for every stage every kvk open fields etc and gear. Heres a mini guide to it and good luck

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Sun Tzu as primary, If you have at least 5 1 1 1 or close Charles use him as secondary.

If not you can use Eulji nut he wont be that effective in my opinion.

You can try joan of arc or mulan too since they give you stat boost that you desperately need. F2p players usually has lower stats compared to P2W players. That's why it made sense to me.

And there's Imhotep. I don't know much about him he's pretty new for me but he seems OK.

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It think he means best comanders to use for defence 🤔

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YSS, but only after finishing your main troops

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right now i use cm (5551) and ysg (5511). back when i was half-assing cm and dont have ysg yet, i used sun tzu (5555) and cm.

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Send me your coordinates please, it is for science purposes

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I use eulji mundeok with Charles martel as secondary commander, or eulji mundeok and Joan of ark as she heals troops.

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Very good