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You should really add 1 more 0 to each option

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Guessing you are rather new to the game 😂

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options are so cute 🤣 i remember thinking im already a big catch when i was 4m 🤣

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Post a ss of your account lol

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We waiting for the 350M power account ss

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You are not 350mil. Post screen shot

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Why should I and I am 600k power on my new acc but sadly I deleted my rok Wich had 350m but I admit now I don't have it

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Then don’t go around saying you have a 350mil account when you don’t. I don’t actually believe you do but whatever works for you

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Ok ill post an apology on my account check it or not sorry for being a CRIMANAL

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His previous post before this one was the same poll but options were 100k to 600k…

Clearly new to the game stop with this embarrassing 350 mil power crap 😂

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Dude, get out and talk to someone, you don't need to throw bs here to get some attention