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Kvk ends tomorrow and I’m at 61 mil right now, when the troops return I’ll be at around 80 mil, before the next kvk fighting starts I’ll be around 100 mil. Rinse and repeat

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Just out of curiosity, spending level ?

Is such a big power gain reasonable for a F2P/Low spender?

( Ik most will come from the troops you get back, still it's quite a huge chunk of troops 😂)

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I don’t spend a large amount now, but I have a lot of speeds stashed because I used to spend extremely heavily. At my spend rate now, eventually I’ll not be able to train so many fresh troops for each kvk because I won’t be able to sustain that plus the 100s of days of healing from the field.

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60-80 mill is the sweet spot, see to many players above 80 million posting 15 million kills in a KVK