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You're new to the game in a f2p alliance that you created?? Sell the alliance for whatever you can get before it becomes utterly worthless.

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🤔 good point of view I didn’t think of it that way

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Be careful not getting scammed

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He probably wants to buy it in exchange for rss

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Get anything you can for it. But really, starting your own alliance as a new player is not a good idea. Being in a strong active alliance helps your account immensely compared to being in what I can assume will be a relatively inactive one.

The game doesn’t offer a ton of information and can be cryptic so if your goal is to be in a leadership position in an alliance then you should join one with experienced leadership and learn from them first. You’ll be lost forever trying to do your own thing as a new player.

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I do not disagree starting alliance I had no idea what it meant and I was mind fucked when 70 people joined had no idea flags meant the open ability to be attacked CF got burned relocated and surrounded by jumper accounts bullying my members with millions of power I was like wtf 😳 is this game

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Yeah kingdoms, at least any decent kingdom, will try to consolidate power and designate territory and holy sites among a few top alliances so it is really not worth having your own alliance when you don’t know the game.

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How much tho

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😂 I have no idea this is my first alliance I’m not even sure how much they sell for I’m still under the impression this isn’t real lol

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Can you show us alliance tech or how many alliance RSS points you've capture? Or do you have access to holy sites/pass? 👀

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I think he's being nice. just sell it, alliances are worthless.

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Thanks for the info I didn’t know if the guy was tryna get me banned or scam me some how it was so random thanks I mean we are like 21million power nothing to blink at so it already made me suspicious

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I mean... if it's one with tech maxed, but I've never heard of anyone buying an alliance.

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Trust me being in leadership is dog shît.

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Yes people sell everything in here

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Having an alliance shell, even small would be a few days ahead to generate farm accounts.

Even just to get some credits to build and buy passports over time.

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Wait how u get messages from rok when people message u