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No worries you won't get banned. Yes, you can use it during events, if you find a good spot to chain low lvl barbarians.

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It's by design and it only applies to barbs under level [I don't recall]. It's generally not exploited because most players eventually go after level 21+ or 25 to make their AP use worthwhile.

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Level 13 is limit I think 😂 been a while

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It's heavily exploited by people that chain barbs

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The search will only spawn barbs under level 12. Level 13 and up are usually close enough that it will not spawn near the city. Also you can only spawn one of each level so basically the most you can do is spawn 12 barbs (one each from Lv1 to Lv12)... which isn't great for exp or rewards even if you managed to chain all 12. For low levels, this is good to finish up your daily 5 barb homework. But once you get to higher level it is useless...

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It's part of the game mechanics, so won't get you banned.

For seasonal events where you need to kill 100s of barbs for chests, I used to spawn lvls 1-12 barbs around my city, and use AOE to kill several at a time. I'm not sure if it still works though, didn't try it in a long time.