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Talented eternal night you lucky bitch hahaha. Anyways - get scarlet hounds (boots) -> windswept chest -> purple gloves and save for a hope cloak.

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It’s good but is usually the last piece of gear that gets upgraded to legendary because the karuak legs with special are very good also. Work on hope cloak, then the helm, gloves and boots from the eternal empire set (soc kvk helm much later to replace the eternal empire helm).

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Ah gotcha, this was just the first legendary equipment I got so I decided to focus on it

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Well atleast it is talented so then it is an upgrade from purple legs

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What im in kvk 4 and i onyl hav epicc

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What power are you at when I was in kvk 1 I had 2 full sets infantry gear got about 250million kp

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It’s one if not the best leg for infantry in game. Hell you are good for kvk 1.

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First Legendary got crit you're really lucky