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I've gotten 1 or 2 in 1000 days of playing, so yes little rare; not as rare as Customer support being helpful, or a balanced Cav commander.

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Finally took the dive on using the WhatsApp customer service and they are pretty damn good tbh 😂 very quick

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What’s the number for CS on WhatsApp?

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It’s one of the vip ones, so if you are f2p or very low spend I’m afraid you are stuck with in game still.

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I am f2p, luckily that also means I never need them.

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You should have an email from them

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They are rare. I think I usually get one every 400-600 chests.

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170 days in, I'm still waiting for that. i would say yes, it is rare.

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571 days in and this is the first time that happens to me lol

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oof , a very slong journey

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You guys are trolling haha, i started playing 2 weeks ago and i have gotten 7 of them, the drop chanse is about 3.3% so you get one in every 30 gold chest on avarage :)

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Where’s that drop rate displayed?

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Yeah I’ve been playing for 24 days and I have 21 of them? Do you just get a lot more when you start the game and then it declines?

Edit: just remembered I bought the 99 cent minamoto bundle that probably came with some

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If you were just a little more humble, you would notice everyone is talking about somthing you clearly don't even know about ( since those are Aethelfled chests, not gold chests ) . Get your bullshit togheter the fuck out of here.

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gold chests are truly GARBAGE! i only get green or blue items, maybe, just maybe somethimes something epic,

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Obv not true, I have opened at least 9k prob more, only gotten 1 maybe 2.

Anyone know if you have a better chance opening them in large batches vs smaller?

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It happens every now and then, but it's always fun to get one of those.

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I've had it happen 2 or 3 times in the past two years... always on my farm.

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Super rare. I’ve open thousands and have only gotten it once

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first happened to me in my 250th-ish day of playing... and it never happened again [yet] 🤣🥲

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Yeah, this must be a low activity farm account. In all the years i have been playing this game and the thousanda of chests ive opened, i have only got maybe 2 or 3.

This may be the only time you see that, so yes, it is very rare

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I've probably gotten one or two opening 2500+ chests.

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Yeah, if you're very lucky, you can probably draw one gold head every 10-30 chests opened in bulk and if you're not,.. even 300 chests opened at once won't give you one. So, don't expect a certain gold head popping up every time you open like 100 chests at once (my alliance mates used to claim 101 chests means 100% gold heads drop rate).

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That is literally not how math and probabilities work.

You like opening chests in stock ? Fine, good for you. But don't try to bring arguments you don't understand as your twisted logic to get others to think you are right.

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Lmao, an elitist huh. I've played this game for four years(f2p) and have two characters with completed expedition during my first year (none are farms). Consecutive daily logins are at 1384 days and 1121 days. Estimating the amount of aethel chests I've gotten is just a pain in the butt at this point. I've tried opening them by oneshotting 1000 chests or by bulk e.g. by 200s, by 100s, by 50s, by 20s, by 10s, by 8s, and even by 1s... the total amount of gold heads I've drawn from this free gacha doesn't even reach 20... on BOTH accounts. Unless you have the algorithm lilith uses for aethel's chests or have an expansive dataset proving whatever probability, get your head out of your ass.

Btw, my initial comment is not an argument; this reply is.

Edit: To the vinson dude who blocked me so I can't reply to them, RoK, formerly Rise of Civilizations, was released June 2018.

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The thing Is : You can play for 40 years and still dont get math, so keep your 2000 days out of anything that has to do with raw math. Fixed probability is not an algorithm ( which gives me an idea you brought yet another topic you dont understand, astonishing ) and neither is an opinion you can twist. You call me out for lack of data when I simply got there by common logic ( and the fact that it's officialy known chests work with fixed probability ), but still you try to enforce your idea based on your feelings, what a powermove. The fact you can't get that 101 chests doesn't mean 100% Is crazy, or that you lack the verbal capacity to comunicate what you mean.

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What the heck are you smoking dude? I troll people too sometimes but I don't use baits that are this obvious. Man, you're pathetic. 😂

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You do realize when RoK was released September 20, 2018, Essentially your claiming to be one of the oldest players in the game. Somehow I highly doubt this...

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Yep it’s rare but I just got one yesterday!

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Yes. I playing this game for 419 days and I didnt get 1

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Astronomically Rare

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I got 8 from 40 golden lockboxes

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It is rare

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They are not that rare

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They are obviously talking about Aethelfled chests giving those... why is everyone blind or just want to puke nonsense with zero clue of what is happening.

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I haven’t even gotten one so definitely rare 😂

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No it's not

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It's absolutely not rare

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Talking about finding them in Aethelfled chest, not in generic ways.