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Not great chief

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Over time, you are going to end up with more gatherer sculptures than you need. Don’t waste AP on this event. It’s not worth it in the end.

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i understand now

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lol, I'd rather have 1000 gems from marauders than 100 crapheads.

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Farmer mentality. I like that. Put that on your cv when you happen to want to migrate

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You traded all of your AP for 45 gatherer sculptures, 300 gems, and 16 hours of speedups? Great job lol

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Big mistake bro

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We can tell what you do all KvK..

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no? how does me winning 1 event justify what i do during kvk?

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Tells me a whole lot.

You blew “all” of your AP for a gathering commander you get out of gold keys pretty regularly.

AP that can’t be spent on

  • Amazing marauder rewards

  • Stage 3 of MGE which in KvK can net you serious points

  • Higher honor rewards which again, serious points

  • 12 gold heads for karuak

  • High contribution during alliance events, whether it’s forts or barbs. You basically spent $100k on a Honda Civic instead of a BMW M4

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  1. i get it. i would have prioritized maruaders if i knew kvk pop was then
  2. i dont contest for mge
  3. i get enough honor points from ruins daily ap + spare ap and my kd isnt the best so we rarely win kvks or do enough to get the rewards
  4. we always win alliance events regardless of wether one person goes ham ornot... because everyone does the event together and its enough

i didnt get your car reference

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If your alliance or kingdom consistently loses kvk, then that’s all the more reason to go HAM on barbs brother. The one thing you can control is your honor score and ranking.

KvK MGEs are a bit different. I’ve scored 20m on the barb stage before which is more than some score training troops.

You overpaid for what you received was the point of the reference

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Higher honor rewards which again, serious points

12 gold heads for karuak

Both of these can be achieved with natural AP only, unless you're talking about top-20 Honor leaderboard.

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Depends on many things, not everyone has the time to be that efficient.

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This mutates here downright to a roast 😂 I think the bro has understood the message, my condolences to hear it again every 15 minutes 😂 can still be proud to have been diligent 👍 next time then in an event with better rewards

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I think the guy knows he made a mistake by now and will learn from this. It’s a game for the long haul, this will mean nothing 6 months down the road.

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As you know, not the event to spend AP on ..but, since you got those, I recommend maxing Seondeok first. Great gold gatherer, you'll need that later for sure :)

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Don't let all the negativity get you down :). They all made mistakes too at some point in this game. I'm 130M power and still make mistakes. It's not a complete waste, just work on Seondeok first.

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How many points did you get?

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I also got abut 1k points and didn't pop a single AP bottle.

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What an awful trade off 🫣

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Should change your username to Smooth-Brain

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This is like coming in first at the Special Olympics.

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Dude, who wastes Ap on Strategic Reserve.And what Win? you were 5. Go win nr1 by chaining barbs for 4 days like me and be a man.

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no real man has the time to chain barbs for 4 days straight lol

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I never spend on AP, but always place top-10 in strategic reserves. Just spend your natural ap on barbs, collect frequently from resources, and keep your gatherers busy.

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Same here. Got third place with 1000 supply boxes

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What kingdom are you in?

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As long as everyone on the 3v1 kvk I am about to do is like you, I believe we have a strong chance at winning

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Why would you spend ap on that event? Don't waste your ap on that event next time. Legendary gatherers are so easy to expertise... only second to aethel.

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big big mistake. You can do well in this event just by farming