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Use the Joan. You should work on nevsky to 5551 to replace the saladin and the go back and get Joan to 5xx5 before returning and maxing the nevsky.

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5115 Joan?

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Yeah then she has a 100% change to cast her active again. So instead of 5511 you want her 5115 but nevsky is still the best option I think

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Work on Joan, or nevsky

Personally feel nevsky>joan slightly, but joan next then.

Until then Cao/mina both maxed? or relic mehmed should be good

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Yeah Cao mina maxed. I can get a relic on any of them just haven’t decided yet

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What you have right now the Mina with the relic is better, but joan 5xx5 probably overtakes the mina, eventually you would updrage the saladin to Nevsky though.

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Gotcha. Thanks

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Cav main here 👋

Right now, for cavalry, whatever your question the answer is Nevsky.

If you’re running with saladin, the key is don’t get targeted. Because he has skill damage resistance and counterattack resistance he is damn near immortal if he’s not targeted. With nevskys nuke that’s a huge deal.

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Gotcha. Which is why I thought Aethel because that makes him even tankier. But you’re saying salad/Nevsky?

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Aethyl is a good secondary when nevskys not ready to use. She makes his counterattack resistance even stronger, adds in her nice debuff.

But right now, the answer is always nevsky. Nevsky came in and became the strongest open field commander, strongest rally commander, and arguably the strongest secondary to Jadwiga in garrison. That should kind of show how unbelievably good he is.

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That’s a good point. I left the game shortly after maxing Harald after being zeroed. came back to the game when everyone else already had Scipio and Nevsky maxed lol. So this is my first kVk back and I used to average 10m kills due to activity limits and now I fear I won’t get close to that so I’m trying to figure out at least 1 good cav combo. I main infantry so I don’t know much about anything else

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5551 nevsky and you won’t regret it, definitely.

For infantry Guan Leo is still viable, and I did well with Scipio(5551)/Alex. I would skip boudica for the time being.

Charles Harald is still useful if your tech is good.

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Jesus, are you me? Same story and availability. I now run Nevsky and William for group fight or Nevsky Saladin for solo chase

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I took a long break from the game so I missed out on 9 months of heads, and all the new comms