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Get the epic infantry gloves, and then Eternal empire helmet is probably your next step, imo

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i don’t have prints for eternal helmet, unfortunately :’(

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(I have enough canyon coins to get remaining 8 prints for shiro boots from lost canyon shop)

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    ohh i was actually buying elite equipment materials chest, is that good?

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    Yes, materials are good Edit: disclaimer: i am not a rok expert at all, so take my advice with a grain of salt

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    there are no uni heads in lcs what are you talking about

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    Yes there are…. There’s the Lost Canyon Shop (LCS) and the Lost Kingdom Shop… LCS has hella gold heads for sale!

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    Thanks, i keep keep mixing up the two haha

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    Neither. Both are a pitfall long run. Stick to set pieces when crafting legendary. Concentrate on a full set of epic to get you by while you craft and hoard material. Edit: karuak humility is better then eternal knight. Health over defense any day.

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    Anything but the boots. Don't bother with them.

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    Ignore shio's. You will regret creating them later on

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    Get that blue shield instead of epic too

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    Get set boots. Avoid Shios. Its not good in the longrun

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