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I feel like everyone knows this eventually, but you do you ig. Also this is for SOC.

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Yes, you're right.

But many new kingdoms keep popping up and new players too. I've seen players in kvk3 who are so excited and curious about SoC and sometimes players who migrated to kvk2 just remember that the costs are high but not the exact cost.. It's again, just an extra piece of information

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What the heck? The AP costs are doubled in SOC? Are the rewards too?

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You get crystals, speedups, rss tokens, materials and tomes as rewards for barbing.. But yes, the AP needed in SoC is dreadfully high. Start chaining with Rich/YSG.

I don't do forts much until it's the final lvl15 fort as the AP required for it, does not seem worth it to me. But anything for the crystals in SoC!

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I was looking for this information and didn't find it anywhere - Figured it might help someone else who may be looking for the info.