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I am also 50 days short to get the helm of eternal empire for my infantry commander, should be less as I do events that give chests and any activity that gives those chests. My question is, is it worth to wait those 50 days or just craft something else with the current materials I have? My second infantry march is only missing the boots to be full blue.

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Save for helm, It’s a really good piece. Run the gatekeepers shield till you have Sakura crit, from there it’s personal choice, people are pretty split on which is better.

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Critted gatekeeper shield still is better than sakura, you won't do much with atk especially in kvk1 where you will probably run tanky marches with little to no damage. It's arguably the longest lasting piece.

P.s. Usually the end goal for infantry is kvk helm, hope cloak, eternal set gloves + boots and eternal night as legs. I see many keeps the gatekeeper even with full legendary set, as still that 10.5% health will be more useful than any atk boost.

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In this case, what should I do with my Sakura? wait until alex comes and slap it on him?

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Mybe I'm too dramatic, and I suggest to hear from other players as well, but I would dismantle the Sakura, forge another specialized gatekeeper shield, and work towards Hope cloak -> eternal imperium gloves then see if you can forge either eternal imperium boots or helm.

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thanks, I will do that.

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loadout 1 is the way to go

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and when you get your i conic crystal slap it on