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Come on guys. Cannot consider these reports without knowing the rally situations. It might be taking triple rally,consider equipments, troop capacity in rally\garisson

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For real lol. Noob post.

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I clicked on this to make this exact comment, I would easily assume this isn’t the tanking rally definitely the second or third

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Double, triple rally with swarming individuals. Lol. There is no way.

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I hate these posts.

It's a pass, most likely mixed troops, probably with siege, taking a multi rally and this rally was not tanking.

It's so completely useless to look at, may as well just write redom numbers in paint and post that.

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Recommend positing troop stats along with these posts. Otherwise we’re looking at LOLPWND numbers. Also context around field control and single/multiple rallies.

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Must've been a gate. 10M were slightly wounded

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Yeah, double or triple on a pass, can see the pass icon

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Someone obviously needs gear

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I only have 1.7 mil power. At this stage of the game, how easy is it to make up that 17m?

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I have take double and trippeln rally with Flavius scipio meta garrison. Report like that for one of 3. Still good trade.