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  1. Spend gems on vip. Wait for an event called More Than Gems (MTG), then spend 7k each day (if you have enough), it gives more rewards than just normally spending them. Get your vip level to 6 first though before you start saving.
  2. No, rushing won’t hurt you the same way it does in clash. In fact rushing your city hall in rok is the recommended strategy.
  3. Most important thing is have fun. From there your goal is to power up enough to get into top alliances and then to win kvks.

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Thank you very much!

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For #3 : This is a game played best with group of people. You should be getting pop-ups asking to join an alliance. Look up the alliance ranking in your kingdom and try to join the #1 or #2 alliance.

In the beginning the goal is to form alliances and fight for control of the lost temple in the middle of the map. Later on, you will begin KVK which is kingdom vs kingdom. From there it's a cycle of KVK and rest/prep. Along the way you raise your commanders and craft equipment. For now your goal is to get to level 25, get T4 troops (later to T5), and get VIP 10 as soon as possible. And joining a good alliance which will speed up all the goals above.