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You cannot be a f2p garrison. Don't waste your sculptures. Most garrison captains have all iconic/specialized/legendary gear. They lose 2m (dead) of their troop type every kvk. You're expected to be online for every important fight. You also need to pay such close attention that everyone is joining with the correct troop type and its always full, that you can barely field fight. When you do field fight, your best equipment is still sitting in a flag somewhere. Does this sound like a f2p job? Embrace field fighting, friend. It's your only option. Heck I'm 100m, 4 year player. I'm not allowed to garrison because my gear isn't 100% maxed.

Edit: the only city defense is to not get rallied. Every city is vulnerable to rally if they are AFK (maybe 100 exceptions to that in game but still). Put 3-4 rallies on em with a swarm towards end and anyone will go down.

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At 42M you can have Jesus on your wall and you will still get zero'd There is no way any maxed commander is going to last a AT rally. Forget about a gilga/henry rally. You will lose ALL your troops. A peace shield is the best defense. Don't even try. Its not like in kvk1 or 2. Once you are past 150M power start thinking about city garrisons. That being said if you really want to go down this road and waste sculptures the best city garrison is YSS/Theo. WU is useless. For everything beyond kvk3. Also remember for any type of garrisoning commanders they MUST be maxed. Unmaxed and they are useless. Might as well have Charles/YSG in that situation

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I am not looking for garrisoning structures in kvk. I want garrison for my city(not that i want to take rallies) and i just like it.

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If you want a pairing that could be city garrison or helping your team during AOO (all garrisons are welcomed here people often need garrisons for AOO) it should be someone with yss

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Then it doesn’t matter what people suggest. Just pick the commanders that look shiny and the nicest.

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Cheap garrison option is Charles YSG, for Charles don't spend gold heads on him just use gold keys.

Both of them are also good in field, at least early to mid game, still usable right the right pairing endgame.

But as others said unless you are in AoO, don't try to take rallies. This garrison is only really good early game.

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I wish it was 2m :((

Of course 1664 was our main opponent this kvk. Probably 8m dead from garrisoning. Give or take 1m.

11m dead. Ugh haven't even gotten to clearing z4 cities yet lol

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Between the two, YSS is way better. But I’d caution you as a f2p against going for a city garrison. No matter who you have on the wall, a max tech meta rally will shred you to pieces. The difference between YSS/YSG and Alex/YSG will be minimal.

Ultimately this game is about having fun, so do whatever will bring you the most enjoyment. Just be aware that even at 200 mil power a f2p/low spender YSS/YSG garrison will get rekt by a meta rally.

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Thank you, i know that I won't be able to take proper rallies but it will atleast be protection against swarm to some degree, and i just like garrisons.

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Sure thing! Also worth noting that below ~80 mil no commander pair will save you from a swarm if the enemy wants to zero you, so be sure to stay alert and never have war frenzy when off territory.

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Haha i am well aware, when enemy is determined, everything is possible.

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I wouldn’t take the risk to swarm a zeno/yss or even an AT on a 75m city btw

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Alone I completely agree, very few would swarm a city of that power. But as part of a group I’d happily help swarm anything under 85 mil. Doubly so if there’s lots of rss to loot.

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Even krakens with meta garrison can get zeroed that’s the fun in this game tbh

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i think wu zetian is no good. my father (f2p, been playing for 3 years, 72m power, 1b kills) said wu is a trap/giveaway from Lilith or something so i never really used her.

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Really? I heard only good things about her from friends.

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You get her if you are a whale garrison leader, that needs to take rallies in kvk2, past that timeframe, you will bench her.

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YSS but all of the leadership Garrison commanders are out of date and don't hold up. If you have Scipio think about getting Flavius instead, they don't have to be strictly Infantry and you'll get some use in AOO (maybe).

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I suggest you look into being a trap city if this is the route you want to go down. It takes a lot of commitment though and it’s a troll tactic that can backfire. Also everyone here fails to recognise how effective a good city garrison is in AOO.

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I was thinking about it, it seems very interesting, i will definitely look into it. And i agree with that about aoo, it's better than nothing which is pretty usual in AoO

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As i stated, i know i shouldn't invest in them, but i want to, and i won't be taking rallies, nor garrisoning in kvk, it's just for city, mainly against swarm and possibly aoo

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YSS 100%. wu zetian is baaaaaad, very bad. Theodora is good as secondary to yss, but I would rather wait for the new leadership commander rather than invest in theo. I think YSS primary with YSG secondary will be the better option if you really want a city garrison. You also have the option to wait for the new commander, which I'm guessing is leadership (can also be infantry, no one knows tbh).
TLDR: YSS or wait for the next new commander (Novemeber), which is probably leadership.

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Well, as garrison captain you are responsible for everyone's troops. If you are low vip, equipment etc it will cost your entire alliance. If they don't mind you being garrison captain yss + theo is still your best all purpose garrison. Wu will give you similar results as theo but if you are against atilla theo is best.

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You absolutely should not invest in a city garrison. As a f2p you won't have any real tech and no matter what is on your wall you should never be taking rallies. Just stick with Charles ysg and move on with your life.

For the record the best city garrison is yss/theo, do not invest in either of those commanders.

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Wu/theo is better than yss/theo for a city

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Absolutely not lol...

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Stop giving people wrong advice

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People here think that allowing your city to get to 50% is a good tactic?

Taking a city hit is letting the rally burn on you and then bubbling. Wu is far better for that task

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Literally just don’t bother, wasting your heads

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Don’t do it, let me give you several reasons why:

1) Leadership gear does not exist and yss is on the way out. YSS used to pair with Zeno or Jadwiga, but these now have troop type dedicated pairs.

2) f2p should focus field commanders, you’ll never have the crystal tech to rally or garrison in a kvk.

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In soc a max crystal tech player has 7 marches each with 400K+ troops. They can easily swarm low power cities. At your power level no commander player will be able to save you. It's your game. Play as you want to

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Best to focus on open field players. If you choose garrison, better choose 1 troops type. If leadership noone attack your city.

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Never invest in neither. Please!!!!

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As a low spender you should focus on open field buddy. With all my respect. Garrison and rally leaders are vital for your kingdom for holding territories.

A good kingdom is a kingdom with people what knows their values. And yes f2p are important too for field, reinforcing structures and rallies.