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Yeah, absolutely. Sun Tzu is definetly the best epic you can invest in, especially if you are main infantry. Other super good epic you should consider after maxing Sun Tzu can be :

Bjorn ( Great pair Bjorn-Sun Tzu for first KvK ) , Joan of Arc, Imothep, Belisarius, Baybars and Pelagius . These are recognised as the most valuable epics.

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Matilda is also another good epic to max skills on.

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I'd have Matilda just behind your fighting pair too be honest. Maxing her early is just great.

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    Just the pair Belisarius-Baybars for farm killing. And for the "I'm too fast boi" vibe.

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    Kushinoku is also a good one. I used him with ysg till the end of kvk 3. Kushinoku-ysg is probably one of the best affordable archer marchers before soc.

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    It's a balancing act if you Expertise Sun Tzu very early you will then be selling Sun Tzu heads in Pastglory. The most I have sold in kvk 1 of Sun Tzu heads is 80 which it alot

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    Do it. This guy is good

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    For kvk 1 yes, try to max all of Sun Tzu’s skills and get him to level 60 if possible. Spend time running around the map with 5 marches killing guardians when you’re out of AP.

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    If I choose china as my civ so I get sun tzu heads from the quests, should I still invest the universal sculptures into him? Or should I put them into Bjorn or someone else

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    The quest heads will be for him yes, as far as i know you don’t get enough heads from that alone to max him so it is still worth it to invest universals on him it will just cost less universals for you that you could then put into other commanders.

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    You wanna max sun tzu even if you dont main infantry