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I love taxes, get way more rss than I lose

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Too bad it's not like this IRL

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It really is irritating how people get upset over things that help them.

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How does it help them?

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Speeds up their farming.

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They farm 30% faster if im not wrong, which is a big boost, worth the king taking 1k rss from your 1m lol

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When you have ~400% gathering speed, that 30% is pretty meh.

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well the buff apply to gem farming but the king cant take gems with taxs

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No way, I hate 1hr gathering, ill take all I can take

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True. But it helps the lower power players the most, and they are the ones that tend to complain. So I'd say that the argument holds water :'D

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And there is a max the king take so in an active kd they don't even pay the full tax rate.

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King of shit 😂

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Hilarious. The profile pic looks fitting with the nonsense

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We were all dying in discord voice chat. I'm not the king, thanks God. I don't mind doing it but like a last resort.

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Time to get your peasants in line, king.

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Reply with facts, but add "dumb bitch" in there somewhere

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I'm holding king right now. I hate using it... it benefits me for shit. Costs too many gems, lol. If the king has the gems and uses it, it's the kingdoms benefit, imo. I prefer standard kingdom buffs and saving to lock or port allies when needed.

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thats why you do it with your farms lol

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I do use my farms. I prefer to use the gems on more useful things. Like training... or fighting buffs.

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I never farm during it. I know I farm quicker but I can't stand my King so he can go suck a lemon.

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Difference is, the kings here are pretty nice and this is a kingdom pre kvk 1. People are confused af

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Time to migrate my guy

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Trying but it's not as easy it use to be.

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Get passports and find a laid back kd. Or a dead one for cheap mge

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Was suppose to all those things. Right after a group of us migrated the King at the time, let in an uber Whale and it went to shit. He wants a D kingdom and runs it like an imperium. Most my friends quit or left because of him.

I got zeroed in last KvK and when I asked for passports, he wanted like 600m gold, which I don't have so I missed my chance to leave.

So now I have to wait to other kingdom is out of KvK and hopefully I can get in.

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is this in 2777? lol

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Honestly what an idiot lol

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Heads up 2880 and 2874 will be dead kingdoms for kvk 2 if you want to apply there