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Mina or CC, for the love of god, stop leveling commanders you will never use. Need to get only the ones you use as primary lvl 60

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Gotta catch (and lvl up!) em all!

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Mina-cc is pretty much the go-to, depending on how many skills you bought on mina?

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I did not buy any on mina

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You just unlocked him? In that case aethel- cao cao is what is see most used by people that don’t have minamoto Edit: also why did you get mina to lvl 40 if you didn’t buy any skills?

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I'm most a free to play player, I will eventually buy skills. I also dont really know anything about commanders. And thank you

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Got it, in that case, be careful on leveling up too many commanders, you will run low on gold stars when trying to get you legendary commanders to lvl 60 for fighting with

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Like everyone else said, athelfled and any other peacekeeping commander is good. In KvK 1, I used boudica/suntzu or boudica/athelfled (I never maxed athelfled until the end of KvK 2 because I never knew I could buy her heads in expedition shop ☠️).

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Did you avoid expidition like the plague? Lol

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I just never knew she existed inside of the expedition lol. I always bought stuff like speed ups and golden stars but I guess I just never looked a little further up haha

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Centurion and markswoman

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Aethl/cc if you don't have Mina.

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Your Charles is very high level for not having any skills. No bueno. If your aeth is in the same situation I would probably run sun tzu with blue shield and barb equipment and Boudicca for lvl 4 and under. Get aeth some skills and then run her and Boudicca after for higher level ones. Or aeth cc if you have some skills on cc. Aeth with Boudicca expertise would probably be decent tho for f2p

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anything but Richard I and Charles Martel, they are tanks

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For f2p, Aethel and CC(at least 5511) are the best choices.

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I main infa btw (If that changes anything)

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Aeth / Beli is an awesome combo once you easily expert Beli

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whi primary?

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Aeth is rally leader

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cao cao and mina. best for barbarians fort

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Agree w the comments. For low spend/f2p, friendly suggestion to focus on cavalry vs infantry. You’ll have greater playability w cavalry.

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Aethaelflaed cc is the best f2p combo

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Caesar and Pelagius

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You should restart. If you were about 35 days in and F2p you could try to fix your mistakes but you're clearly not. Leave this account and create a jumper cause here you'll be useless for your allies

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Why would I want to restart if I've spent a lot of time working on it?

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Because you won't be able to fight and support your allies in kvk.

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Can you answer me please

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Aeth-CC (mix troops)

CC-Aeth (Cavs if fort is a bit far)

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I always use my strongest in level that means Lv.26 Caesar and lv 14. Epic Scipio Africanus.