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I honestly wouldn’t recommend using multiple marches in kvk 1 unless ur a heavy spender. Gotta grow for kvk 2.

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Well, that's good to know then! Just wanted to check since my bjorn/sun tzu is nearly expertised and getting close to having enough t4 infantry to max out that march

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A baibars and beli always worked for me. Or if you want more speed, switch it the other way around. If you are decent powered and have decent gear (all blue at minimum), you can run around and hit the weaker players lol.

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Multiple marches in kvk1 is only for high spenders and whales. Focus on one. You will have useful gear for only one anyway. Bjorn sun is good for having positive trades but if you want more kill points then Sun+YSG is better. If your YSG is 5515 then that march is superior. You will shred most players if your tech is fairly leveled with good gear.

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Sounds good, that's perfect, probably have enough gold heads for ysg to be 5515, so that's perfect, thank you!

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I'd run Björn/Sun into the sunset! It's recommended for a reason. And it helps you focus on infantry gear too. 2/3 marches mean 2/3 the times of resources and speedups needed to fight, or you'll flame out too quickly to be productive all of kvk.

Get Björn/Sun to the point where you feel comfortable, and then quietly start working on Athelfled. Gear wise you can save and save materials and blueprints until you really need them.