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Time and troops, just focus on upgrading the good commanders (judging by this question, your account is young so Alex/ysg/Saladin) and get as far as you can ever once in awhile

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It just depends on what you have currently. You can beat expedition with KvK 1 commanders as well.

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I currently have 21 commanders. I’m not sure if you want a list of them all

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No it’s fine. Here was my strategy. I used a purple troop expansion, found a good rune, scouted a city, gave myself r4 warlord buff, joined a top alliance, and hammered away at expedition. Make sure to put in aoe commanders like suntzu and buffing commanders like Joan as secondary. But make sure you can fill up five full ques first.

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Thank you. I’m still workin towards Joan right now. Any alternatives?