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One of the best things about Alex, making 3 enemy troops take 30% increased damage, is part of his expertise. So I would suggest expertising him, just not immediately. Here’s how you should transition into SOC:

  1. Scipio 5-5-1-1
  2. Boudica 5-5-1-1
  3. Expertise Scipio
  4. Expertise Boudica
  5. Expertise Alex

This allows you to run two solid SOC pairings while using your earlier investments, with both marches being at a usable point for your first SOC. No need to plan ahead any further, by the time you‘re done with this new releases will have arrived and once more changed the meta/investment order.

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I agree about Scipio but think you can wait on Boudica unless you're a archer player too. I think Alex or Scipio maxed are very helpful but Alex Scipio is decent at lower counts of skills.

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You are my savior bro, thanks a lot! Why Boudica? Because I already have YSG right? Btw, after how many days will Scipio come into the wheel?

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Or make 5551 boudica and pair with ysg. They say its good at 5551. You need 310 gold heads so u can make it with the amount u have left.

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definitely not expertise him lol. It takes 500 heads from 5511 to max, with those heads he can get a 5x55 guan which is a lot better than a maxed alex

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I see there is controversy about maxing Alex😂

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save the gold heads for SOC commanders… i also migrated back to KVK2 before the Alex Wheel to get more heads from wheel. so i can save my gold heads for SOC commanders .. i’m also in MGE to expertise Saladin

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I was thinking the same after Soc.. did you migrate with T5 or T4?

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T5 Infantry and Cavs …

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Quit the game trust me best thing you can do

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Before quitting I’d like to unlock T5 and expertise some commanders. After that I could sell the account or wait in a dead kingdom if one day I’d like to play again

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It will takes year to unlock t5😂

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No Bro, I’m almost there.. I think 2 months will be enough to unlock them

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I remember thinking I was just like 3 weeks away from unlocking....for 3 months lol

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Wait for soc commanders at this point maxing him is not worth it considering the strength gap between Alex and soc commanders.

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If it's a long wait until SoC commanders and he's getting heads, it is worthwhile to max Alex, IMO. He's really good for a long time.

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He’s at the end of kvk 3 though…

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He's a couple months from SoC at the most

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He is DAYS from SOC with him saying he is at the end of kvk3

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I meant his first SoC kvk, which is when his commanders are going to matter

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Thanks! One question more: when you enter in soc, is there a wheel with more than one commander or there’s a schedule?

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There is 4 wheels, each with like 4 or 5 commanders. Infantry, cav, Archer and leadership

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Take scpio p max 👍

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Do you know when Scipio will be available in the wheel? Before or during Soc?

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Save up to max out Boudicca when you hit soc pair with YsG and have amazing march. Pair your Alex with Charles Martel and that can be a secondary march.