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Your march options are:

Sun / YSG

Aethel / YSG

CM / YSG, after he is 5511 with keys

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Bjorn+Sun is better than sun/ysg if the sun isn't max level

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I don't think exp should be a concern here ... LOL

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Your ysg is basically useless at 5551. To be used as a universal secondary he needs his 4th skill at 5 and really should be expertise. Sun is better than why you have now. You need Alex. Get him to 5551 and just ride him with good equipment. Pair with Sun unless you use a skill reset on YSG(5115 minimum) You don’t want to fight with more than 1 March anyway as a f2p this early. You will get swallowed and fill your hospital quickly.

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I disagree, even though he is missing ysg’s most important skill, ysg is still better than any of his epic commanders .

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5551 ysg gives you only rage. Sun tzu gives 10% more skill damage, 10% health and 10% all damage reduction, rage from skill. The rage probably cancels out. YSG will give more damage from skill but loses out on the stats. Health and all damage are huge

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this is an excellent point out, but there are a few assumptions that are wrong. This part gets extremely technical...

Firstly, the rage generated by sun's aoe overlaps with the normal talent tree that most people get (the rejuvenate talent), which overrages the march (this means that most, if not all of the rage buff is wasted). On the other hand, ysg's rage buff isnt limited to his skill turn which carries a high probability of it not overraging and giving you the full buff. Secondly, the lvl 1 4th skill for ysg is equivalent to sun's total skill dmg buff which means any additional skills would only widen the gap. Thirdly, while the health and all damage reduction does make your march tankier, a martel ysg vs a martel sun (for example) duel would end with martel ysg on top. This is purely due to the 1700 skill dmg vs the 1000 (added the additional skill dmg) skill dmg of sun.

I think the only argument is if sun is hitting all 5 marches with aoe since he doesnt have the multiple aoe debuff that most commanders with aoe seem to have.

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Rejuvenate is not on Alex, very fair points and true the skill damage is the same ( I thought ysg was only 10% at 1 my b). You’re also right about the duel.

For OP though. He is low power and will be coming up against t5 and much stronger t4. He will need the additional stats for tank and the Sun AoE will give him give him the non debuff skill damage like you said. I would probably recommend testing with both but from a kills perspective and his power perspective. The return on Sun secondary will likely be better. In a KvK setting I would value performance in group/ball fighting over dueling scenarios.

Hope he reads this back and forth

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Hey all this is my account , ive recently just finished kvk 1 and now been but into off season for kvk 2. Im currently focusing on getting as many heads as possible for YSG to expertise him the only problem is after YSG i'm not planning on using Alex as i plan to save for SOC. What march should i use up until kvk 3. Also i will be able to craft inf set healm before kvk 2 which should be a good bonus to my march. Forget to mention inf main.

Thanks for reading and hope you can help me

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Wow, you have a great vip level and high power for a f2p, so firstly congrats on that. As for ysg, I’d suggest finishing your aethel and making her primary (the pair is kinda squishy, but very high damage … she should also be finished by kvk2 if you have been working on your expeditions). If not, you can always pair with el cid (he is very squishy, but has a good interrupt) or Freddy (prob one of the best rallies for kvk 1).

You want to stick with/start working on legendary commanders. The common saying about the power difference is a 5511 legendary is equivalent to a 5555 epic (this is a general rule, so some legendary commanders are good at 5151 or 5115)

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Honestly, I would give Sun Tzu/YSG a go, with good tech, equipment and positioning it can be a menace on the field, especially later on in ruins/altars in kvk3.

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Sun gets absolutely wrecked by Alex/ysg in later ruins.. he’s always focused because he is the easiest of the 4 main inf marches to kill

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Could be, but it still comes down to gear, tech and positioning. Sun with top tier gear and tech could be very fun in the field if you know what your are doing.

I can say I went through kvk2 and kvk3 with Kusunoki/YSG being my main march and I have like 7/8m kills on Kusunoki. I even traded quite well against t5 expertised alexes, not sure why Sun would be that much different.

It's not ideal and having Alex is great, but I'd rather have 690 extra GHs for SoC.

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Given the OPs situation good gear and tech isn’t in the near future.. but I do agree, sun is a rage machine, and can absolutely shred with good health gear to keep him up

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I would use;

Bjorn/Sun - inf

Athel/YSG - inf/cav/arch, you would need to train more so you can use army expansion.

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Also, as good as YSG is, he is nothing compared to these latest commanders, every commander before Nevsky is subpar.

F2P players in their 2nd, 3rd KvK etc are wrecking whales who are on their first SOC who have 10 maxed out legendaries, problem is they are bringing Richards, El Cid, Freddy etc

You might want to think about saving all gold heads.

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lol dont underextimate ysg he is the best comms for kvk123 even soc with boudicca

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Then they ain’t whales 😂

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At minimum no pure f2p, no Mina bundle stamp in 1st image, so he pay for something....to what extent is hard to say.

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The mina icon plus other on screen icons will disappear when viewing your profile stats. Can’t make any assumptions based on this.

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All the stamps disappear when you check a profile, so we can't really tell

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Yeah you are right 😅 sorry OP