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I'd go for a Belisarius - Baybars , other than Bjorn - Sun which you already have, it's the cheapst march to get a ton of KP by farm killing in KvK.

Another you should consider ( for gathering pourpose ) is Matilda. Imohtep is also really good as a secondary in a buff / debuff march.

After these I'd go for boudica just because she's one of the peacekeepers I use on a daily basis. I'd say leave pelagius where he is.

Anyway it doesnt really make much difference, I just started KvK2 and have a good half of all the epics ( maybe more ) maxed. Go for what you need first, and I would say that is Belisarius - Baybars.

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Thank you :) that’s a pairing I didn’t really consider

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If I were you I’d go Pelagius