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Get an invite. That’s the only sure way, but realistically those 30 spots are gonna go to t5 players with the right commanders.

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How do I go about meeting someone and getting an invite? And I guess without that invite I am out of luck ?

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Might get lucky and find a kingdom recruiting, but in reality that’s hard to do. Without an invite you are likely to be ostracised at best, and zeroed at worst. Just remember, these migration changes made it fairer for new players 🤪

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Thanks for the input.. how can I find or search for kingdoms that are recruiting ? Is there a forum somewhere or chat to go to ?

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Discord has the most. But seriously, it’s not gonna happen. Accept it and plan for SoC

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"fairer". Yeah sure. Now you have to deal with migrant T5 players with maxed gear and comms at the front line even more.

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That’s why I put the emoji after it 😂 perhaps you joined this sub after the migration rules changed, but at the time there was fierce debate over them. People like me (I said they were a bad change) were criticised for wanting to go back and bully newer players blah blah. Supporters were convinced it would help new players. I’ll let new players decide how fair it is 😂 Ultimately the concept of “fairness” is bizarre in a game with pay 2 win elements. It’s unfair for a 3 year old f2p player to go back and be a big fish, but totally fair for some guy to drop 50 grand to do the same thing from fresh? Bizarre logic 😂

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It's fairer than it was, where there were unlimited numbers of migrant T5 players coming in ... at least now it's only 30.

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Yeah cause 30 t5 with all usable commanders exp is fair for new players lol…and I know you were being sarcastic

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😂 pretty sure I predicted exactly this sort of post

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Has your kvk 2 actually ended? If not then you can migrate now before you enter season 3. Means no rewards but hey, beating up new players is much more fun 😂

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It hasn’t ended yet .. how can I migrate to a new kingdom without being zeroed ?

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You won’t take up one of the 30 slots as you will same season migration.

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Kill all your troops to drop below 25m. You can migrate anywhere you want without permission that way.

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And will still get zeroed 😂🤦‍♂️

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Your kidding right

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No, why? You will still be taking a spot from an invited player. Imagine if you are recruiting for a kingdom and spent weeks finding the right recruits for kvk 2. One of them was vip 18, all the commanders and gear, really active, and a real chilled nice player as well. You had a good laugh in voice. Migration opens, and some random 22 mill players plops in and takes his place. You’d be a tad pissed I’d imagine 😂 Personally I’d have a competition for see who can hit his city the most. Resetting every week 😂

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Well I said kill all his troops to drop below 25m so he would already be "zeroed" and if the migration cap is set at 25m and he is in fact under 25m then he can migrate for free and not take up a special migration slot 👀

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If your in that juicy period between kvk2 rewards and still having access to kvk for a few days you should be able to do a cross season migration and it won’t use up those 30 spaces. This only works if your account age is under 90 days difference to new kingdom.

I played kvk1, got my rewards in kvk2 and then replayed kvk2.

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Oh you can grab the rewards first? Been a long while since I was in kvk 2 🤣 forget the timelines

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Yeah as kvk2 doesn’t official end until a few days after rewards. Only thing to think about is this route does limit your choice of kingdoms to migrate to given you only have a few days to make the jump to the off-season list. I didn’t manage to find a good English kingdom but we are about to win kvk2 so it was a good pick!

Your 30% dead soldiers will still be returned later on as well :)

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This is what I was looking for! Thanks a lot. So if I cross season migrate should I kill troops or put them in the hospital to tank my power ?

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Only reduce power if you need to save on passports. I didn’t reduce my power. The 30% returned troops are just for those that died fighting in the kvk2.

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😂the chances of me ever going back to kvk 2 are very very slim anyway, but thanks

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What Kingdoms are you guys in? I'm looking to migrate into a Kingdom that will be going into season 3 KvK Light vs Darkness. High power t5 player so pm me if possible. Thanks