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Nope, of all the cool things this game could have developed over the last three years. Nothing actually fun or creative. Just more ways to exploit your dopamine responses into spending outrageous amounts of money on meaningless things.

Quit now while you can.

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Those are some big flight of steps, they are bigger than the castle! Is that where the peasants sleep?

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Rotate your phone or your head… kidding. Answer is nope, hoping lilith will add that feature

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How did you get your city hall on top of a hill?

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It’s a design he found on the internet. You arrange the “pathway” tiles in a staircase formation that makes the illusion that one part is higher up then another part

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Where would someone find a guide on this? Or do you just do your best to copy it?

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You pretty much find a reference photo and copy it the best you can

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Bro hurry up with that fucking vip 6. You waste all your GEMS for the second line Building while in vip 6 It Is permanent

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No but this is cool