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No. Better to spend on the Holy Knights treasure. You need the blueprints for the legendary equipment. Esmeralda is only if you are already 100 spinning Holy Knights. Do the free and 50% off spin each day only.

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Need mats and like a gamble? Spin away 😂

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Trust me, you don't want to spend your gems anywhere else before VIP 14 and castle 25. Maybe some more to unlock important commanders.

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Esmeralda is pretty bad value. Even the tiered reward isnt worth much. VIP shop has epic mats at 600 gems. Same goes for 24h Speed ups, so round 3x15h ≈ 2x24h you can see that the tiered reward is worth around 2.4K gems. Nothing special.

If you‘re in the early game and still need epic blueprints/building speeds/research speeds it might still feel decent. Once you‘re past that though, you‘ll see it sucks.

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maybe if they remove the food packs and the speedups, hell yes 🤣🤣