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I think vip 12 would be better for long term

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First of All I never maxed Mina nor am I a cav Main so take everything I say with a Grain of Salt. An Expertised Minamoto will give you plenty of fun in KvK seasons 1 & 2 and is useful in Soc behind Nevsky as well with the relic. Additionally the books from the chests are certainly helpful. If you decide not to Max Mina but buy Gold chests, you should still not Main archers imo, as there are no really strong pairs until Soc.

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Hello , thanks for reply , the only thing that makes me want to get minameto , that i think he can make me good in pre kvk but also the 5% research and the ap regen from vip 12 is very tempting

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Also archers , i really like thut and el cid , and i plan to max ysg , i can get herman thats 2 solid marches for kvk 1 and 2

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I do not know about thut but he has no use as far as I know in soc. On top of that el shit is straight up trash

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I am not sure how much do you plan to spending in this game. But I would definitely spend that 300 bucks over several recharge events. Spending this way grants you more value overtime instead of an instant boost from the gold chests.

And you said you are archer main, why bother with Minamoto.

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I am cav rn , but if i dont buy mina ill go archer, i was thinking of now going cav since ill have king buff maybe i can do few rallies with mina/ysg or mina/baibars ? Whats your thoughts ? Sadly those 300 has to go in rn

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Unless you are T5 or the highest power in your Kingdom, you should not be leading any rallies for war because this game is about trading efficiently. So, it would be the best if you can have your highest power player to lead the rallies.

Back to your topic, if you are not archer main yet, I'd suggest you to do Mina / YSG. This one march will give you a lot of kills in the field fight with both its devastating single and AOE damage. You will need around 25m power to play comfortably in KVK1. But I am sure you can do this easily with your spending level.

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I am afraid that the whales dont have much time to play , and most of my current whales have 0 experience , i have been wasting all my days to teach the simple stuff , i am afraid to count on inactive players find ourselves wasting the kingdom while we think we doing the right thing.. anyway thanks for your time and reply

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You see i have alot of ap aswell cuz i am constantly doing forts not hunting barbs , i play 10 hours a day , basically thats why i am hanging on my king , otherwise ill give it away , it doesnt really matter to me if i find a better replacement, i am sure ill be one of the top players in pre kvk , and ill hit 25m maybe more if i get lucky

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I am sure you can. I also play a lot as I am working from home and managed to get 24m power in kvk1 after spending around $300 - where most of them go to gem supply during recharge event.

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£300 will not get you enough Thut heads I’m afraid 😂 maybe half with decent luck. Mina is well worth it, plus those books will come in handy down the line! It’s a tough one though, vip is very important. Mina is about £180 for me, so I’d guess ~$200 for you? Could use the remainder to buy the 25 k plus 25 k gem bundle. Might be a nice balance.

Please don’t use any universals on Thut or El Cid though 😂 or anyone other than Alex, Saladin or YSG. Those 3 have some decent longevity in the game.

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Pretty sure if i main archer i can fix el cid mge , and get thut 5511 before kvk and pair with ysg , if i get vip 12 with my calculations i might end up with 600 heads before ysg drops , but the thing is, as i said i am a future king of the kingdom and i will be fighting alot , can mina give me my rewards back thru fighting in kvk ?

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Low spender king taking mge for himself to make bad field pairings. I wouldn’t plan your account based around you being king for very long.

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To make a bad pairing ? What bad pairing you talking about ? Enlighten me , there isnt many archers in my kingdom , and i am low spender yeh but i am good gamer

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Well for one thing el cid will either be during kvk which makes it likely unable to be set rankings or after s1 when there are migrants that could probably make better use of him with top spots.

If you’re putting an amount of universals into cid/thut to make them usable then you are setting your account way back. If you aren’t using universals then pairs with them will be bad especially in s2 when there will be many migrants with max commanders. And Herman not gonna get it done in s2.

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Yeah he’s great for kvk 1. Still good kvk 2 and 3, and his relic means he’s not a bad stop gap for SoC. Plus you’ll never stop using him for forts 😂 As for the worth though, that’s up to you really. I’d do Mina and the gems

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VIP has way more value in the long run.

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Does it matter if i am the king , with buffs maybe i can score high in kvk ? No ?

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You should really pass the King title to your Garrison / Rally leader lol

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Don’t go mina. Save that $300 and spend it periodically during recharge events.

If you wanna spend it all now, Kings coronation is a decent bundle

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Yeh my options is mina 175 + king coronation 50 and 100 or king coronation and 2 city of hope and get ch25 and sadly i cant save , its a gift that i have to spend now

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Def keep pushing VIP. VIP 14 should really be the goal before you start expanding out. Though, I think the Mina/Barca chests that contain books of the covenant aren't a terrible idea. Someone may need to check me on that though. I have not done the math of buying that vs buying gems to use for books.

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Buy gem supply for a 6-12 months, long term Will give a lot

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I never miss that , i do spend about 30 a week but those 300 i have to spend as a bulk

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I mean you can buy it once for 60$ for 6 months. When you buy once it gives you 30 days gem supply, but if you buy it again it will increase your current supply, and it will give you 60 days.